Mosque Subway Construction Stations

April 6, 2024
Станция метро
01With the kind invitation to publish here my photo report on the construction of one of the Moscow subway stations. I hope you like it.

I'll be honest, when I was offered to take a tour to the subway, I was excited. I've spent my whole life, since I was a little young, wondering how they're doing behind their fists. We lived on the Cultural Park, and my grandmother was on Sports. Every time we went to her place, we went to the tunnel where we had a counter train. And every time I was just dying of curiosity, how does it work?
A little more subway has opened my secrets to me when I was studying at the institute-- my classmate sounded the names of the stations there. It's her sweet feminine voice that still sounds in the subway.
And, oh, the miracle, I didn't just go for the dolls, I went to watch the subway built in New Moscow to build the Disclosure Station.
It's been a mess. Before that, I've never been to the excursions that castes give. It's not just a casket, it's an orange casket. I specially took her off the back of my coral jacket sleeve so the readers could understand the extent of my joy.
Then we went to the construction site, where the majority of the group joined us, active citizens: the winners of the lottery on the Project Active Citizen.03 They were given socks, too, but white.
And we were all dressed up in cataphotic vests because we had to go downstairs. For real. And we went. Ladies, I'll tell you the art.
And here we are. Our tour guide, charming, loving his work as the chief engineer of the IBT company, Ruslan Sarybaev, shows us the station.
And I have to say there's something to show. There's a train on the left. The right where the artifact is now, there's a platform. There will also be columns. In fact, they already exist.
The station is still open and is therefore strengthened by these structures. It's the shootings - they'll be taken out after they've been built.
And the other side of the station is the one that still works on the extraction. In principle, the lion share is already made: 900 out of 1,200 metres. Of course, the tunnel is where I just wanted to go. And we went.
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