Subway Station

October 28, 2023
Колонны отделаны коричневым

Material from the Encyclopedia of our transport

Water stadium - Moscow Metropolitan Intermediate Station.

Opened on 31 December 1964 as part of the Sokole station, River Station. PC 127+83.


M. F. Markovsky, Y. A. Kolesnikov.

Design engineers

B. Kuznetsov, O. A. Sergeyev.


A model project was built from prefabricated unified ferrobétonic designs. Distance between axles of tracks 12, 9 m, closing height 4 m, width of platform 10 m, distance between rows of columns 5, 9 m, step column 4 m, width of column 500 mm.

A total of 40 pairs of columns at the station are the so-called " classic 40-leg " .

Change projects

Golovino (1991, 1992).

Out into town

  • Through the ground drives to the Golovin Highway, Kronstadt Boulevard and Admiral Makara Street.
  • To stop points on ground transport.

Preventive development

Station without satellite development.


The upper parts of the travel walls are white ceramic. The walls are covered by two stripes of the purple plate symbolizing water. The small station columns are marked by the grey lane marble of the Chernobyl deposit. The floor is stacked with grey tones. The bases of the convoy are surrounded by white squares from the Coelga marble.

They're wearing billboards. There are two on each wall, that's four. There are also two benches. One of them is located in the north exit and the other is in the south. There's an emergency call column at the station.

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