Moscow Subway Map Interactive

Август 16, 2016
Карта метро Москвы

This spring in Moscow will begin an interactive cult map, telling Metro the chairman of the League of Safe Internet, Denise Dawadov. According to him, with her help, any man, indicating his geolocation, will be able to see where the sects, their cells, their cult assembly sites, their activists are located in the immediate vicinity.

- She'll look like a Yandex card with the points. When a person is downloading the resource, he will be asked to identify the geolocation and to display such places near him. This is done to protect children and adolescents so that parents know that there are places near them that are a risk zone. Then they'll be able to protect the children from this. The obedient adult service will be useful, too, he said.

The map will be drawn up on the basis of complaints from citizens who come to various hotlines and separately to the League. Each statement will be reviewed and examined so that there is no situation that someone has been falsely accused.

- Every message we'll work with the experts, and if the credibility is checked, we'll celebrate. We're not going to accuse anyone. We've already opened the vikipedia of a cult, there's already 300 such organizations loaded, and these are manually handled by experts. Until everyone else has a detailed description, because the job just started. This list will be our first guidance, he noted.

Vicki's cult will be very different from Vikipedia's content and, as David said, it'll be "sing things with its names." If the e-encyclopedia on the Seventh Day Adventists says, "the direction of Protestantism that emerged in the nineteenth century..." it is a resource that says, "The Seventh Day Adventists are an American-based cult from the Baptism environment..." The authors of the articles are experts known in the anti-septhan circles, for example, from the Irenea Lionski Centre for Religious Studies and the Russian Association of Religious and sect Centres.

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