Interactive Subway Map

Май 16, 2016
Схемы и карты общественного

Карта Санкт-ПетербургаThe St Petersburg Metropolitan is the second underground in the USSR after the Moscow - the pet was opened on 15 November 1955.
Today there are five lines of peterburg Metropolitan, and its operational length exceeds 112 kilometres. In total, the subway consists of 65 stations, of which 7 are transplants and 11 are combined with railway stations and stations. The system comprises 70 lobbys, 820 tournaments and 243 escalators. The trains of the pyterranean subway are serviced in one repair and five maintenance depots.
In 2011, the northern capital of Russia served a total of 786 million passengers, making it the 15th subway on the planet. Besides, that's also it. the deepest The subway in the world, given the average depth of the stations, many of which are characterized by architectural and artistic processing.

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