Construction Subways On The Map Of The Moscow

Февраль 13, 2016

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How the Moscow subway will evolve since 2012. What new stations will be on the map of Moscow when the subway arrives in Podmoskovier. We'll try to answer these questions. Especially since Mayor Sobyanin has set the task of actively developing the Moscow Metropolitan.

Soon it's gonna look new. Moscow subway Since 2012:

There are plans in Moscow to build seven new subway stations that will be the continuation of the Kalininsk-Sulnian dining line. She'll connect the Moskva City MMD with the Calius-Rij station.
The Lower Maslovka station will be located in the area of the Savlovsky Station, the Petrov Park station will be able to exit the Theatral Alley street in the area of house 3, building 1. The Hodgin Field Station is planned to be built on the Khodyen Boulevard, House 1, the Horoshevsky will be on the Good Highway, Houses 80-88, Minsk Street, opposite the Mosque. The Ramenki station will be located at the intersection of Winnitzkaya Street with the Michurin Prospect.

The construction of three more stations - "Mnevik," Spring and "Shelepiha" - is temporarily frozen. This is due to the fact that there is a prom zone in the building.

Until the end of 2015, there will be another 75 kilometres of lines in Moscow.

The Moscow authorities are beginning to build a third radius of the metropolitan station from the Aviator station. This has been reported to journalists by Alexander Kuzmin, the chief architect of the capital.

For the residents of the julebino capital, three new subway stations are expected to be built following the Tagansco-Krasnoprosne branch from the Vichino. A transport and transplant unit will be built on the Starorazan highway. Go to Julibino and Cotelnica."

This will be the joint work of Moscow and Moscow, with the Podmoskovje providing three hectares of land for the construction of a vehicle station and a TPU.

Previously, it was reported that it was planned to build the Lermont Prospect and the Julibino stations on the Tagansk-Krasnopresnian line.

The construction of the Kalin Line will continue in the summer of 2011. In the nine-kilometre precinct, four stations are expected to be built: Nicolo-Archangel, Saint-Asser, Cosino-Uhttom and Rudayo.

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