Moscow Subway Map

Июль 15, 2013
народная схема метро

In the new version of the scheme, a breakthrough is made in the aesthetic and the text is significantly increased:

The left part of the scheme doesn't look like a ugly shelf of appendice. The Scheme uses a much more rational area.

The area inside the ring line is filled with stations most uniformly:

The scheme has become easier, more graphic and more technological. Shadows got rid of the washing, the transitions from gradients.

Special attention is paid to the transition plate:

P.S. Sands is specially adapted to be used in the scheme - the difference in height of the rigid and capital letters is reduced, so that the hard-wrapped multiple names look carefully:

The achievements of the previous version of the scheme: victory over Lenin's Library, simplicity and unambiguousness in the image of transplants, lack of text and graphic debris working without the grid alphabetical index, accessibility for people with colour problems.

Лучшая схема метро Москвы
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