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Август 2, 2016
Скоростной трамвай: Москва
There'll be a speed tram from the Pravska subway station to Birewlev
" The construction of a tram line with traffic sections from the Pravska substation to the Birulev area is under way and the northern part of the Birevo East region is under way. This year we will complete the project work, after which we will proceed to the construction of this facility. And in 2018, we plan to turn this object into an interview with the Moskva 24 television channel, A. Bočkarev.
The total length of tramways will exceed 20 km. On three sections, the tram will be able to develop a speed of more than 25 km/h, which will enable this mode to be transported to speed. Trucks generally travel at a speed of up to 24 km/h in the city.
There are 10 stops on the route. One of them will be on the estacade is a practically unique technical solution for Moscow.
In the Department of Construction, it was noted that a tram depo would be built to service the rolling stock.
We will recall that there are two other lines of speed tram planned for Moscow. One will extend from the North in the north-east of the capital to the Lianozovo Savlovsk railway platform, the other from the Ivanovsky area in the east of Moscow to the Shasse Entusiasto Metro station.
More detailed in the exclusive picture of the Stromplex portal.
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