Map Of The Subway On The Map Of The City

Январь 16, 2013
Арбат на карте Москвы

Карты на стол: Голосование за новую схему московского метро. Изображение № 4.“The final version of the map is very much improved. For example, we decided to insert a new information layer - suburban electricity. Our art director, Ludwig Rastrovsky, often uses this mode of transport, and, contrary to the mistakes of most of the Moscow, it's not complicated, it's not dirty, it's not Soviet transport, but it's very convenient and comfortable. Now the subway is completely separate from the electricity, it's wrong. In many European cities, such as Stockholm, this is a single system. Frequently, when a person doesn't live in the center, it's much easier for him to go. Multiple stations On the electricity, what to do with two or three subway transplants. We thought it was time to explain this to the Moscow, and we added the electrical to the scheme. The only thing we can't run ahead of the ferry and call the metro and electricity one mode of transport, so the rail lines on the scheme remain extra and not quite clear.

Карты на стол: Голосование за новую схему московского метро. Изображение № 9.We also added a latinum to the scheme, that's a demand from the Transport Department. While we feel that there should be two types of maps -- completely in Russian and completely in English, two languages are very overloading one map, there is confusion. The Latino on our scheme is secondary, because it's hard to name Moscow as a tourist center.

In general, we've done a cleaner, nicer, more hidden. We've finally cleaned up the red and gray branches - in the south they're now bending the same way they really are. In fact, I'm against the whole geography pattern, but if some line bumps, it's better that it bumps into the way in which reality.”

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