New Subway Stations On The Moscow Map

Декабрь 31, 2014

На карте Московского метро появится станция в честь лугаThe collar branch wants to extend the CID for five more stations.

Five new subway stations will be built in New Moscow. According to the Mosco Architecture, the red line of the subway will be extended to Communari in three to four years. As IC has become aware, the department will shortly prepare a design for a new sabotage site.

As explained in Mosco Architecture, the Metro Socolnical Line is planned to be extended from the Salariovo station. The new section of the branch will be located at the Filat Lung stations (he will be built next to the Khovan Cemetery along the future Raska-Stolbovo road), “Hovanskaya” (not from the Sosenca River), “Prokshino”, “Olkhovska”. The final station will be Stolbovo. Partly along the building line of the Sunni-Buto-Vid. The last two stations will be stationed outside the Kaluz Highway. In the thought, a new piece of the red branch will be partially grounded. A 10 km long section shall pass the surface. In addition, the capital ' s architectural office plans to extend another branch towards Komunarki. The future Novatore Street Station of the Third Riding Contour should be the starting point for a precise new line. Which architects will develop new station projects until they know. According to officials, there are likely to be no competitions for design concepts.

Comments Chief architect of Moscow Sergei Kuznetsov: " TINAO ' s Territorial Planning Schemes provide for the creation of up to 1 million new jobs by 2035 and the construction of about 100 million square metres of new properties of various functional uses. The subway is being constructed rapidly. First, the people will be comfortable getting to the center. Secondly, this makes it more attractive for investors to the areas where the line passes. This is, of course, the strongest impulse in the development of the Moscow and Sosen settlements.

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