The Most Beautiful Moscow Subway Stations

April 15, 2024
Московский метрополитен

" Komsomol " is considered to be one of the most " paraded " stations, and it is not surprising that it has been designed by the legendary architect of Szhusev, the one that Mavsolei designed. Deskor was a named Pavel Corin, an artist known as far away from the Fatherland.

Most of the station reminds the palace, it's so woefully, solemnly and simply. It's the size that even now the passengers have space. The blistering architecture, the incredible beauty of the sewer and the mosaic panic. By the way, the mayolic puno, which porters the station, received the Stalin Prize in due course.

The " Mayakovska " station is an aspiration to the future

The station got a little futuristic. But she's still looking pretty modern and fresh. It's hard to imagine the impression she made at first.

The futuristic station was unpredictable. There's a lot of symbols and assumptions in construction for both modern and future generations.

In particular, the metallic octanus, which has had so much influence on the architecture, consists of fragments of the pyrijabal previously built on the Zyolkovski project. They show the desire for stars, some “general” communism among people of Soviet formation. And Mayakovsky was considered the most “Soviet” poet at that time. Contemporaries were perfectly able to read between the lines and the symbolism that was planted in the station, and they were perfectly aware. Another pride of the station is 34 mosaic punoes performed by the painter Daneka himself.

Mayakovska received Grand Prix in New York in 1938, in 1980, as an architectural monument. The station ' s project has not just entered architecture textbooks, but has become a " classic " , which is now equal.

Novosloboda Station - Temple of Intelligence

Newslobody almost immediately received two names among the inhabitants of the capital, the Ground Fair and the Colour. Agree, you had to make an incredible strong impression to deserve such a name.

The station's architecture is very simple, but simplicity is so thoughtful that it became a reference. The main decoration of the Novozlobodsky is 32 vials of amazing beauty.

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