Metro Diagram With Construction Stations

Январь 27, 2015
Схема метро со строящимися

The Moscow subway will have a SCA station. This name will be provided by the Hodine Field station, which will be opened at the end of 2016 in the Third Removal Contour. There's gonna be a new football club stadium outside the station, where the red and blue will play home games from the next season.

Here. Moscow subway Dinamo stations opened in 1938 and Spartacus, which were completed two years ago, can already be detected. Both are located in the immediate vicinity of the stadiums, which are home for the same team.

The SSA Station (second in the Moscow subway after the VNDH) will be opened at the end of 2016, as part of Release 1 of the Third Removal Contour, which can be referred informally to as the second Ring Line. The first section of the TPC will consist of five stations connecting the Kalininsk-Sulnsky, Tagansk-Krasnopron and Zamoskvorian lines. SCA will not have transplants, it will be divided between purple and green branches.

The change in the name of the station in the middle of the Khodin field relates to a large number of sports facilities in the district that are relevant to the army club. The steps of accessibility from the transport facility are the Lead Palace, the light-letter and the Universal Hall, which is most commonly used as a basketball aren. There is also a Megasport palace with no club affiliation.

However, the proposal to name the CUSCA station came from football fans who are about to get their own rent. The army stadium on the 3rd Song Street west of the Hoda field will be put into operation in June this year, and the next season the red and blue will start home games there.

In February, more than 8,000 Bulgarians requested Sobianin to rename the " Hodine Field " to the SCA for a number of reasons.

" First, the current station of the Tagansko-Krasnopron Line, the Octyabrian field, is nearby, and the proximity of the two stations whose names contain a common word will make it difficult to target.

Secondly, the word " The Hodine Field " is a strong association with the word " race " . In modern Russian, " race " has a sustainable meaning - a pressure, a cafeteria, a chaos causing many victims.

The unprecedented tragedy in the 1896 coronation, accompanied by official (morely reduced) data, the death of nearly one and a half thousand people, left a profound mark not only in the memory of the people but also in Russian. Hodnka has become a symbol of disaster. The attachment of this lecture in the name of the subway station is contrary to reason " was said in the statement.

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