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Март 12, 2017
25.09.2009 первые троллейбусы

Власти Москвы решили сохранить троллейбусы на Садовом кольцеMoscow. March 11th. - The new road transport scheme implies the maintenance of trolleybus routes on the Moskva Sada ring, the interfax in the Transport Department press service on Friday.

"The new transport scheme of the Side ring, developed by the Moscow Transport Department, will improve the road traffic on one of the capital ' s main lines by normalizing the width of the carriageway, eliminating overly wide areas and the bottled lights." The new traffic management system approved by the Department of Transport involves the maintenance of trolleybus routes along the Sadow ring, said by the agency ' s interlocutor.

For example, the department commented on information from a number of media about the removal of the trolleybus route on the Sadow Ridge, where, among other things, the trolleybuses of the B route.

However, according to the Agency ' s interlocutor, during the renovation of the Sadskol ring under the My Street program, a possible temporary withdrawal of the contact network is envisaged on certain sections of the line. This will depend on the necessary repairs carried out by the city ' s capital department.

However, the Government of Moscow plans to increase the number of clean transport in the city. For example, it is assumed that, if possible by domestic producers, between 200 and 250 environmentally sound electric beams will be supplied annually to Moscow for urban routes.

" In the long run, with proposals from the cartels on the Moscow route, it is planned to develop an environmentally friendly mode of transport, an electrobus combining the advantages of two modes of transport: green trolleybus and bus manoeuvrability, " added to the press service.

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