Mosque Metro Map Over Time

May 2, 2023
Схема устроена так, чтобы

Яндекс карта метроThe subway index is a free application for the tablet and the smartphone, allowing for the shortest route to the subway even without Internet connection.

Increasingly, heavy-duty roads force motorists to cross the subway. The best assistant here is an annex for the tablet and the smartphone, where maps of the metro of the major cities of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia are collected. The programme allows for the shortest route to St. Petersburg, Minsk, Kiev, Moscow, Harkova.

The most important aspect of the application is the possibility of use without Internet connection. In addition to the optimum route, the programme will indicate the time of departure of the train and the wagon in which you will be closer to the exit or transplant.

Яндекс карта метроThe Yanks of Metro are constantly working on improving the programme and it is therefore necessary to periodically update to always have a new subway.


  • Using a program without Internet connection, free of charge.
  • St. Petersburg, Kievsky, Minsk, Moscow Metropolitan.
  • When selecting the destination and departure station, the automatic device of the most optimum, shortest route, with time calculation.
  • With your phone support for NFC's function, it's possible to look at the number of remaining trips. Map of Moscow Metro
  • The probability of defining the reverse route with only one button.
  • Multi-routing program, client selection.
  • Reminder of previously selected or proposed routes.
  • Deletion of a travel plan on the Android screen as a subway or a list.
  • Up-to-date programme to extract fresh data.
  • Introduce the necessary station to the chosen station for rapid recovery.

Яндекс карта метроTo be the owner of the smart programme Android's charts are enough to go to our site and free. download the Yandex map of the subway for the Android without registration and text.

Яндекс карта метро Яндекс карта метро

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