A Cheap Cab

Июль 10, 2017
Самое дешевое такси в Сочи
  • Minimum taxi time in the SPB and optimum route, taking into account the loads of urban routes.
  • Motor vehicles that meet the highest safety and comfort requirements.
  • Professional taxi drivers who know the city well.
  • Busters for 3-year-old children.
  • Free Wi-Fi, charge for any gadget.
  • Payment of VISA bank cards, American Express, Master Card.
  • Preliminary order.
  • Meeting of passengers at the airport and on the train station.
  • Coherent actions of the entire community. High service level.
  • Free passage through the west velocity diameter (VA) sections of the road.
  • Free transportation Household tax Animals in a special cell.

We propose the following taxi tariffs:


Suitable means of payment "Peterburg taxi 068"

  • In cash to the driver;
  • Payment of VISA bank cards, American Express, Master Card.

If you're planning to pay the card, report it to the dispatcher during the order.

Why is Petersburg taxi 068?

The Pieterburg taxi 068 group is a low-cost taxi in the SPB for safety, reliability and comfort, and has a high quality of customer service and a affordable price. The GC ' s large fleet of Patterbourg Taxi 068, professional drivers and the literate route will provide comfortable travel to our passengers at optimal cost. Our company provides one of the cheapest taxi tariffs in St Petersburg.

In addition to transport, Taxi 068 also provides other services in St. Petersburg: a meeting at the airport with a panel, a rental of a vehicle with a driver, a service called Extra Driver and a tour of Excursion.

The PC Petersburg Taxi 068 also invites you to conclude a contract for the organization of long-term passenger transport. The conclusion of the " Corporate " tariff compact will provide you with the opportunity to organize cheap but qualitative transport of your staff or clients.

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