To Download The Map Of The Metropolitan Moskva

April 28, 2023
История развития метро Москвы

Агентство NewsEffector выпустило «Народную» карту метрополитена МосквыIn the Moscow metropolitan area, there were " international schemes " of metropolitan vehicles and subway stations. On the charts, the official names of the subway stations have been replaced by " international " , i.e., those that have become bypassed by Moscow residents. For example, the Pushkin station, “Pushka”, “Academical”, “Ilicha Square”, “Loshad Ilić”, etc. Also on the map, the sights of the city or the symbols, which in some way characterize the name of the station or the location where it is located, are presented in a joke form.

The " national scheme " appeared on Monday, 28 January, at all the lines and main stations of the Moscow Metropolitan. The idea of the " National Scheme " was implemented by the NewsEffector Piar Agency as a reaction to the new metro map competition conducted by the Transport Department of Moscow.

NewsEffector stated that their version of the map had competitive advantages over those currently participating in the competition. " Natural " names are simpler and smaller, from which they are closer to our people and are more easily remembered " , by the Director-General of NewsEffector Sergei Moroz. “Also Today in Moscow Metropolitan - More than 180 subway stations. It has become difficult to find even residents of the city, not that foreigners or visitors. We proposed an association approach that would help not only to remember the location of the stations, but also to speak of the city and its particularities and sights. " “We are also confident that the people of Moscow are very short of smiles on their faces. It's hard to survive in Moscow without a sense of humor. We have decided that our scheme will add positive emotions to the people and guests of our city. " This is the Director of NewsEffector.

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