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May 21, 2024
Скачать схему московского

Today, the vote began for the best Moscow Metropolitan scheme. I recall that the Urban Projects Foundation, jointly by the Department of Transport, organized an open competition last autumn. Three participants went to the finals: Artemia Lebedeva, Ilya Birman designer and RIA Novostice Design Centre. Actually, the competition was very good. It was attended by the strongest designers of Russia, and it is now possible to say that, regardless of the result of the vote, Moscow will receive a subway that can be proud of. No subway in the world will be as comfortable, understandable and beautiful as Moscow.

Now we have to choose which of the three schemes will steal the wagons in a month and drive the Moscow subway. Voting takes place on the website of the Moscow Transport Department. It will extend until 31 January, after which the victor-maker will go to work to accommodate trains on the wagons Moscow Metropolitan♪ But it won't end, because the winner designer has three other types of schemes that will be available for your convenience in wagons, stations and the Internet.

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