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Май 31, 2016
Отдельных слов заслуживает

Is that a giant bird? Or is she just close? Go to hell, perspective.

Everyone who lives on the top of this stalk is stupid. And the bass. [Portal to the World of Giants]

Morty would say, "Eh, Rick, I don't think that's what normal clouds look like."

The clouds can be huge pashy evaporation, but they're made by science, not some fatty.

What if I say the seeds that did this are not magic? What about GMO, huh?

The cloud or the gas of giants? Uh, gas hygants? Grammars for weakness, science is what I believe.

Just imagine all the wonderful things that are hidden behind these clouds. Maybe there's a huge castle with princesses and dragons. Maybe there's a herd of goats smashing each other's balls. You never know what to expect.

You can try to climb that stick if you want. Behave yourself as the bravest stripper in the world.

These people have not evolved to be sensitive to gluten. And not even to make people spend money on bread that tastes like a sand spong.

It seems that even in the Middle Ages there were those who wanted a better life away from civilization.

NATURE, something other than clouds! [Crowd to Village]

You know, all these middle-aged fans forget that there wasn't any water from the crane. And sewerage. And a toothpaste. So your favorite guy at the Pest Games is probably suffering from cheek.

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