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July 5, 2024
Почему заказать такси в СПб

It happens that the party's stalling, the degree of consumed alcohol grows, and down in the parking lot, there's a smug waiting for your favourite car, no longer hoping to be home in the next 24 hours. Staying at friends' place, in someone else's apartment, without warm machin? Call a taxi, and then come back later to pick up the car? Or risk your own life and drive by seeking to meet the GyBD? The alternative is the service of our cab, the Extra Driver.

Forget the risks! We'll take care of the tired owner. Call Taxovichkoff on the phone, indicate the address and the desired time of exit. If necessary, our staff member will arrive in half an hour.

The Extra Driver will take you to your own vehicle.

  • 5-year driving experience
  • Good knowledge of the CPD
  • Patience and teaching
  • Coastal attitude towards someone else's car.
  • Time of arrival and lowest cost in the city

Extra driver ' s cost

Use our online calculator on the front page to calculate the price of the " Extra driver " at the SPE for a specific address, or call the operator, and he'll give you an exact amount.

The call of the " Extra driver " can be made not only on weekends and holidays. Orders are issued daily and 24 hours a day.

Not just the city.

We can order a Truck Driver, even in the suburbs, TaksowiccowF experienced drivers working all over St. Petersburg and Leningrad. The Russian transport orders are specified in three days.

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