Map Of The Mask New

May 30, 2024
карта москва-новый уренгой

The difference between our map and most of the others is its full interactiveness and its connection to the Moscow map and the schemes of all the Moscow railway lines. And also the link to the land transport bases.

On any subway station, you will receive a floating window that will refer to a page with full information on the station, as well as interactive references to all terrestrial transport routes (buses, trolleybuses, trams, routes) near this station.

For those who are ill-focused in the Moscow Metropolitan Metropolitan, an interactive site search and a text indicator have been established.

When you're looking, you'll just start hitting the station's name and on the outgoing search list, you can pick it. A further click on the locator, will light the station on the map.

The list of stations on each line will help to find an interesting metro station in a text-indicator on the subway or alphabet lines.


The first is to introduce the name of the station of departure and assignment to special fields at the top of the page. It's just enough to introduce the first few letters from the name, and you'll have an alphabet index of the metro stations from which you can choose the station you need. After both names are listed, you press the " Run the route " button, where you will also be automatically counted on time.

The second method of laying down the route is as follows. You need to find a way to start and end the route. Press the mouse at the station ' s name and select " Start the route " or " End of the route " . Once both stations are selected, the route will be set.

In both cases, you will be facing a window detailing your path. First of all, you will see the approximate calculation of travel time, as well as the number of transplants you need to make. Next, you will be able to see the route indicating all the stations you have to go and all the crossings you need to make.

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