Ghost Train In Moscow

March 19, 2024
Музыка в Метро , 25.05.2013
Ghost train in Moscow
In Moscow, the construction of a famous metropolitan now began in the 40s of the past century, namely its ring branch. Heavy physical work in those years was done in most of its prisoners: criminals, political, etc. The construction of the Moscow subway was no exception.
History is known when the people who were in vain were pushed directly into the metropolitan ventilation mines, and then they were mutilated into the walls, where they died. Fragile structures have often led to disruptions that have buried large numbers of workers there. A lot of people died under the rocks. But still, the metropolitan is finished. He became the pride of the capital, without which it was impossible to imagine Moscow life, and now it's possible that any subway station call a taxi to the Riga Station. However, Mosco subway legends They're coming this day.
It remains almost at every station, but the doors of the wagons are not open. Jacoby, the first cab saw a typist wearing a pre-war building. The trains are completely empty. There's only the souls of dead workers. The people are terrified by this story about the Ghost Metro Train. There are people who claim to have seen a ghost train with their eyes. According to their descriptions, the train looked rusty and cunning. There is also another legend about this train. It states that there was a terrible catastrophe in the subway that killed workers, leading trains and all passengers. This story is on the Internet. But there's no reason for it because there was no such accident on the metro line.
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