Cost Of Taxi Travel

May 12, 2024

Come to our site! We'll tell you the cost of a taxi right away. The price will be unchanged until the end of the trip.

Hello, esteemed passenger. Every person who used a taxi at least wants to know his value. And that's absolutely right. We'll tell you what it's like and where the final cost of the trip comes from. There are two tariffs in our company. Fixed taxi tariff and time tariff. Start with a detailed study of the cost of travel at a fixed tariff.

Стоимость такси Taxation of cost

We need to know the starting point and the end. Let's say we're going from Alabian Street, 7 to Constantine Tzarev Street, 12.

Marshrut shows 8 minutes, or 2.8 km, taking into account the traffic.

We have a minimum flat rate travel of 250 roubles per day, with 5 km on. The taxi cost per tariff route would be 250 roubles.

Now we'll look at the same trip, but with the time tariff.

At a minimum rate, the cost of 10 minutes travel is 190 roubles. It turns out that for such a short distance, it's easier to travel at a time tariff, you know, and when distances are long, it's better to use the fixed price of a taxi, that is. You can always get in the traffic where time goes.

Calculate the cost of a taxi

Many passengers fear that they will be deceived and they will have to pay more. With the Moscow taxi company, the trip can be calculated on the phone with the operator, or if you go through the taxometer, you'll always see a counter that can't be converted to other prices. If it seems difficult to calculate the cost of the trip for you, just call us on the phone 8-495-255-33-99, and our operator will say the cost of the trip at both a fixed price and an indicative cost if you're planning to travel at a time tariff.

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