Name Of Subway Stations In Moscow

June 17, 2024
а) Сейчас вроде все

People are more likely to indicate lines in color, and the guys in official messages are called. And this is a writer:

From 9 to 12 hours, a train on the Tagansco-Krasnoprosne line is delayed.

What is it, where is it? That message just tells me that somewhere. delays are nothing useful. If I'm on the wagon, I can't find out what color this line is, the Yandex Metro app doesn't show names, and the Internet isn't, of course.

I've lived in Moscow for two months, and in all this time, I've learned only Serpukhovsky-Timiriazevsky, and it's hard. Asked about the Moscow, they don't have much better memories. Well, they probably know four names and everything.

And it's very simple. The names are complicated, and nothing will happen to them if they're even colored:

Socoln red
A frozen green
Arbatco-Paudian Blue
Philly blue
Kaluzco-Rij orange
Tagansko-Krasnoprosne purple
Kalinian yellow
Serpucho-Timiriazev Grey

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