Moscow Trams

Ноябрь 11, 2016
1899: Схема сети опытных линий
Схема маршрутов московского трамвая © Креативное агентство nOne


At the Moscow Creative Agency, nOne developed a new map of the capital ' s tram routes on its own initiative. As the editor of the Stanislav Eframs Agency told us: " We wanted to create a scheme that would help people learn a new way to go somewhere and not get lost in the tram network. " The Ephremov recalled that there is now no single official map of the tram lines in Moscow, and there are four separate schemes that are divided according to the principle of ownership of the particular depo.

Here. new mapin addition to the tram lines, the lines of the monorels and the subway are also displayed and the subways of the subway are marked. Next week, the guys are going to open a site where we can find the nearest tram, stop or separate route. The scheme is still available.

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