How Many Branches In The Moscow Subway

June 22, 2023
ветку московского метро

Фото: Пресс-служба департамента транспорта МосквыWe will recall that the first section of the Phillip Line was opened in 1935. I don't think any branch of the Moscow subway survived so much adventure as a blue one. In 1941, the Arbatsky-Smolensky was damaged after a German bombing. Initially, the idea was to give up any further construction of the branch, so there was a parallel section of the Arbat-Po blood line. However, in the future, the blue branch has become a promising direction.

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The line infrastructure needs to be updated extensively. Three concepts are being discussed, one of which is even the construction of new stations on the branch. However, all projects are still under discussion. There are options where both the partial and complete closure of the Phillip Line during the reconstruction is possible, but there is no final solution.

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