June 21, 2023
Все маршрутки из Москвы в

On 10 February, the prices of rail tickets in the direction of Russia are reduced by 30 per cent. Even so, the train did not become the cheapest mode of transport for travel between the two capitals, Minsk and Moscow.

POWER - Br233 000

On the website and onliner.by, you can find a satellite car right up to Moscow. The price depends on the car and the number of trainers. Time on the way is from the driver's experience and the road traffic.

ROAD / MARCHET - Br370 000

On a daily basis, approximately 10 bus flights from Minsk to Moscow are carried out by various carriers. They're usually nights. The price begins from Br370 000. Bus is the most time-consuming option, travel time increases by stopping and running. Ticket's up there, usually cheaper. Marshrut cabs are coming from Minsk to Vnukovo airports, Domodedovo and Sheremievo.

POSI - Br407 700

Trains from Minsk to Moscow go 10 times a day. The price begins with Br40700 for the seating car, Br522 100 for the plate and Br1 050 300 for the place in the purchase. Time in the way depends on the number of stops. The main plus is the exact time of arrival in Moscow.

LIQUID - Br486 000

The price depends on the cost of fuel and the appetite of the vehicle. Time on the road, from the driver and traffic on the way to Moscow. If you do refuel in Russia, you can save Br3650 per litre.*

SAMOLET - Br1 399 320

About 10 planes a day are leaving the Minskwa airport. Main airlines: Belavia, Aeroflot, S7. The price depends on the travel time and service level of the passenger. The flight lasts at about 1.30 p.m. Planned flights should take into account the time for registration (up to 40 minutes before departure), the road to the Minsk National Airport and the Moscow airport. The ticket is cheaper.

* - 7 litres per 100 km

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