Opening Of The Moscow Metro

Май 23, 2017
1958 г
(1) To build a subway in Moscow early in the nineteenth century, the idea arose in 1875 of putting a line from the Kursky station through the Lubian and Pushkin Square to the Marjina Rouge. But it never came to the project. The church opposed it. That's what Innocentia was written by the Moscow Mitropolitan Innoxy by one of the capital architects: "Can we allow a sinful dream? Will the man who was created by the image and the like of God be humiliated by coming down to the underworld? The official non-construction version was an economic inappropriate one.
(2) The Soviet power did not want to be left behind by the capitalist Powers and took care of the construction of a metropolitan in Moscow in the first years of its existence. The first project was commissioned in 1921 at a German firm Siemens, in 1926 Germans correctly handed it to the employer. It anticipated the construction of 80 stations in Moscow. But there was no money, the project stayed on paper.

(3) In the first Russian sub-office for the design of the metropolitan, one person worked, and there were no other specialists in the USSR. In December 1931, the sub-office was closed and his few officers were arrested. In January 1931, Moscow stood in a huge sample of tens of miles. There were no trams in the city, and Moscow didn't go to work. Repressed professionals have been released from camps and prisons, it has been decided to build a metro in Moscow as soon as possible.

(4) A branch of 11, 6 kilometres with 13 stations and all the necessary engineering facilities had to be built in three years, and no one in the world had done so within that time frame. They've been connected to the construction. They weren't smart to build, with safety equipment, everything was very bad, accidents and the deaths of builders became normal. One of the legends states that the Comsomolian subway station was named after the dead builders who fell down during the platform.

(6) The first line of the Moscow Metropolitan was opened on 15 May in 1935 and was from the Socolnical Station to the Cultural Park Station with the answer to the Smolensky. Metro wanted to open up for the first time, but Stalin decided to postpone the opening for two weeks. Because of a technical malfunction, the train with the chief stayed in the tunnel for a few minutes.

(7) The first tickets to the subway were two colours: red (before "Colls") and yellow (until the Cultural Park). The tickets were marked on the time of issue. The ticket was valid for 35 minutes. In 1937, at the International World Exhibition in Paris, the Socolnik Station Project was awarded to Grand Pri.

8) During the war, the Moscow subway wanted to destroy. On 15 October 1941, Lazar Kaganovic ordered the closure of the metropolitan and the preparation of proposals for its elimination within three hours. On the night of 16 October, preparations began for the flooding of the subway: the stations were mined, electrically robbed, the Dinamo station began to dismantle the escalators, and the Sokoll was preparing to evacuate the wagons. On the morning of October 16, 1941, the metropolitan was closed, which is the only day the history of the Moscow subwaywhen it didn't work. By the evening of 16 October, Kaganovic's order was cancelled.

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