When The Moscow Subway Opens

August 25, 2023
Как устроено метро

The Salariovo Station of the Moscow Metropolitan Socoln Line will open in the first quarter of 2016. More precise dates are not yet known. The Salaryvo will be the final station of the southern part of the red branch. Her capacity is up to 140,000 people a day.

" The subway is in the final stage. The construction of a large transport and transplant node is planned here, so that the inhabitants of the surrounding areas of Moscow and Podmoskova, leaving their personal cars, can move to the subway " , is reported on the official Stromos site.ru

The new station will improve the transport accessibility of the Old Moscow to more than 200,000 inhabitants of the surrounding settlements located at the IKAD: Salarjevo, Kartmazovo, Moscow, Nikolo-Hovanski, Poliomyelitis Institute, etc.

Where is the Salariovo station?

The station is located behind the MKAD, between the Kiev Highway and the village of Salarjevo, south of the Kiev Highway and Rodnikova Street.

How will the exits from the station be located?

The station will have two lobbys. One will go outside Rodnikovya and the other will go to the projected transport and transplant hub.

How will the Salariovo station be set up?

The architectural design and processing of the station has changed several times. In the final concept, the perronal central room was decided to make a colony and a three-year-old. The section of the travel walls, ceiling and floor urination will repeat visual squares formed by columns and balls of the iron-bedton carcass. The same processing is planned for cassette rooms. The colored gamma is the shades of gray, runaway and orange brown. They'll be white and blue.

Technical characteristics

  • The type of station is a colonized three-pronged small-seater station.
  • The depth of the bed is up to 24 metres.
  • Number of platforms - 1.
  • The platform length is 162 m.
  • Platform width - 12 m.
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