Opening Time Of The Moscow Subway

July 29, 2023
Мэр Москвы Сергей Собянин во
Road 5:30. 0:42 Academy 5:35 0:40 Baltic 5:36 0:33 Vladimir 5:38 0:26 Selection Maintenance closed for major maintenance Civilian Prospect 5:30. 0:44 Nine. 5:32 0:00 Kirov factory 5:30. 0:40 Lenin Prospect
The way to the leni pep. 5:40 0:45 Lenin Prospect
c/o 6:30. 22:00 Forest 5:42 0:33 Narv 5:36 0:36 Area of rebellion 5:40 0:25 Lenin area
exit to the Finnish Station 5:35 0:28 Lenin area
The way out of Botkin. 5:35 23:00 Area of courage 5:40 0:37 Polytechnical 5:37 0:39 Veteran Prospect
I'm going to the Dashkaya. 6:30. 22:00 Veteran Prospect
Veterans 5:38 0:00 Pushkin Westibul is closed for major repairs. Entering and exiting Zvnicorn station. Institute of Technology-1
the rest of the time is the entrance to the Technology Institute 2 station lobby. Closed on weekends 7:00. 8:00. Chernobyl 5:38 0:25
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