Southern River Port

July 27, 2023

Open equity Society South river port is a major transport enterprise with successful experience in all areas of work carried out on the inland waterways of the Russian Federation - transport, handling, servicing of the transport needs of industry, construction and trade.

The South River Port is capable of receiving both direct and mixed rail, water and road transport.

Port characteristics:

  • 2178 m rear wall,
  • 17 docks, including 1 for heavy cargo,
  • 28 portable cranes of 5-40 tonnes,
  • 4 km long,
  • Number of vessels and barges - 9

Waterways in the port area and on approaches to the docks are intersected by bridges, which are 30 m and 8.6 m high and wide respectively.

Port operations are carried out in Moscow Rek from the Ustien Bridge to the Bronnica 95 kilometres long. The section of the river serviced by the port includes hydrotechnical installations and bridges with restrictions on the altitude and width of navigational overflights. The water flow is settled, so the port is operated at constant horizons for all navigation.

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