South River Station

September 30, 2023
Южный речной вокзал

South River Station - how to get, address and phone

Southern River Station Photo

The South River Station is located on the shore of the Nagatine Loin in the Southern Administrative Region of Moscow, in a small-hull area, far from the central Moscow streets. And it's not a secret that many of the masks have never been here, and some very embarrassingly represent where he is.

South River Station in Moscow - from history.

The history of the River Station began in 1932, when the Moscow Water Lock System was reconstructed and a direct password service was opened from the capital to the town of Gorik without transplanting to Ryazani.

The first occipital building was a wooden building, built on the Novo-Danilovsky Coast along the Warsaw Highway on the Roman Yakovlevic Higer architect project. At that time, it was the Moscow River Station, located near the Danilou Bridge, near the centre of the capital. The heaters were sent to the Mountain, Ufu and suburbs of the capital.

There was no roadblock at the time, and there was a Moskov railway platform called River Station, which is now the ZIL stop.

In the summer of 1941, the port was used to load equipment and various cargoes of evacuable factories, factories and institutions in the city.

Old South River Station - description

The occipital building was mostly constructed from a tree, but because of fire safety, some parts of the building were built from a brick. For example, there was a suburban pavilion and a central part of the main building where the lobby was located on the first floor and the second floor, the kitchen and the restaurant. With the fire resistance of the central part, three wooden rooms were isolated from each other, providing relatively safe conditions for fire in a wooden part.

The architect ' s idea was to create a counterpart of a single-stage light with a powerful two-stage building of an eight-grandfather with a dome, with a waiting room and a restaurant. And the construction of the barrel was completed and the author intended to have a strong light source.

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