North River Station

Июнь 15, 2016
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The Moscow City recognized the state of the Northern River Station " paid " and intends to revert to the issue of transferring it from the federal to urban property. " What's going on with the station is a big problem, but as long as it's federal property, Moscow has no authority to dispose of it. We expect that, as part of the Moscow holiday, this will be highlighted and progressed, we have reported to Ghazet.Ru, Head of the Department of National Policy, Interregional Relations and Tourism, Vladimir Chernikov.

According to Chernikov, on the Moscow River Day, scheduled to be held on 19 July, the North River Station will be one of the main venues of the celebration.

" River cruises should be made to the course of events on the waters along with the galconcert, free river tours and parade of ships.

Loiners will be involved in the holiday, but they will certainly not be in the center of Moscow, but in the North. River Station" , told Chernikov.

In the official ' s opinion, the station building is in such a state of neglect because they do not use enough. " I am confident that as soon as we show the need for cruises and guided tours, it will be brought to the attention of the Church. "

The Northern River Station was built in 1937 before the chemical reservoir was filled. It was supposed to be a symbol of Moscow as a port of five seas, a river gate of the capital.

“The station was the second monument of history and culture officially delivered to State security after Mavsolei”, and spoke to Ghazet.Ru, Coordinator of the Arkhnadsor Community Movement, Yuri Egorov.

His building is owned by a star who was previously on the Salvation Tower, and the telescope mechanism of the cap allowed it to be raised and dropped, depending on whether or not there was a navigation on Moscow Rek.

“The walls are decorated with the main achievements of Soviet life, from the construction of the metropolitan to the launch of Dneproges,” added Hirov.

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