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November 14, 2023
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At times, in the crazy booze, we're physically short of time to communicate with each other every day, with children and friends. Therefore, a joint vacation in 2016 is a remarkable way to strengthen family and friendly relations. No wonder river cruises in Russia are chosen by families with children and senior-general representatives and romantic lovers and noisy companies. You spend a few days in 2016 resting on the water, and you'll get a bodrocy charge and a lot of untransmitted feelings.

Mosturflot organizes cruises on Russia ' s rivers on the heating, which will replace you with a comfortable home during your visit. Travel may be between 2 days and 2-3 weeks.

River heaters are classified into several classes depending on size. Starting from small, small numbers of passengers (up to 70) to liners for 300 or more.

The main classes of proposed heating in Russia are Comfort+ and Pramium. There are also representatives of the Lux category, Prince Victoria and Alecsandre Green. You will appreciate the comfort and comfort of such travel. Our company's technicians will help to choose which will meet all your demands and wishes.

Popular directions

Beautiful St Petersburg is a large sea and river port. From here, tourists go to Kigi, Perm, Petrozavodsk and Astrahan. The diverse river cruises in Russia, with the shipment of heaters from St. Petersburg, will create perfect conditions for a beautiful rest. The marches laid on the Volga, Dono, Sviri and Kama cover many historical places. Pilgrims from the SPB to the island of Valaam, the journey to the Golden Ring and the visit to the Solar Islands will give you new impressions and open up unknown pages of history.

The most exciting trips from Moscow to St Petersburg in 2016 are cruises on the river. And walking and bus tours of old cities will expand your horizon.

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