River Metallic

July 18, 2023
У входа на станцию метро

Good afternoon, fellas, I've got a case like this: I've buried a MP3 mole who's been dead for six years. I was resurrected, and there's still all the music on it, and fortunately, there was no limit to my youth, but there was a trawl with USB, a cable, and I can't load it. After fixing, they said you can't get a zero, or you can die again. There's one charge stick left,
I'm not gonna make it, I'm busy, it's a busy day, and I don't like Internet stores.
If anyone doesn't fall in, please see if someone's got a little zip, he's coming up with a huge number of models of Sony Walkman NWZ-seria, in exchange for a taste of something if you get up, it would be great.

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