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Июль 18, 2016
Теплоход Фараон

Water transport is currently being used in Moscow for guided tour-regulation purposes. It is a combination of the Moscow-Reca route on three independent sites.

Water passenger transport in Moscow is mainly handled by the Shipping Company. Recreational navigation in Moscow is on average about six months, from mid-April to mid-October. After the end of the navigation, pleasure craft shall be placed in the winter parking area of the Nagatian rim.

The Shipping Company has pleasure crafts like Moskva, Raquet, Moscow, Stone.

Moscow courts

The bases of the dining park of recreational heating, other river trams, are Moscow vessels♪ The vessel has a closed passenger compartment, and passengers may also be placed on benches on the top of the superstructure under the hing.

Heating characteristics:
Passenger capacity to 190
Length - 38, 5 m
Width - 6, 5 m
Speed -23 km/h
Built on the Moscow SSR in the late 1980s.
Full renovation took place in 2004.

002Raquet submarine heat He's taking you to the rest zones in minutes. This vessel was first launched on the Moscow channel in 1957. It accommodates up to 64 people, seated by rows. Raquet can develop a speed of 60 km/h.

Heating characteristics:
Longitude 27 m
Width - 5 m
Speed - 60 km/h
Engine power - 10,000 ls

Moscow has a glazed salon and an open deck with a total passenger capacity of up to 60. Fixed short-term recreational flights.

Heating characteristics:
The length is 27, 25.
Width is 4.
Speed - 19 km/h
Engine power is 150l.s.

Stone 1 ' s recreational heating has a salon and an open deck with a total passenger capacity of up to 40 persons. Thermal develops speed to 16 km/h.

Heating characteristics:

москвич 004 005
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