River Station

Декабрь 31, 2016
1. Станция метро Речной вокзал

гастропода, Речной вокзалThe River Station is unique in paleontology. The red marble or the mammaid limestone that she is acquainted was used in the Moscow subway in that amount only here. Such a marble is found in a small number on Kashira, Kahowski and some other stations, but there is very little. At first glance, this stone looks like a red marble with the Electricozavod, Dobrinsky, Arbat and many other stations, but it is different from the structure and composition of the fossils. The fossils aren't much here, but they're very interesting and unusual. For some reason, there were more of them in the northern part of the station, apparently the distribution of the paleofauna in the crowd was very uneven and there were no occamenal places at all.ортоцерас, Речной вокзал There's a large abdominal shell sink near the text.

In this picture, the sink of the head shell with smooth bulkheads and direct cancer. The cancer is not the result of the cross-section of the normal, spiral, nautilus. Straightheads with the outer shell did not die in Paleoza, as sometimes written, there were several births of those shellfishes in Mesovo, in trias and in law, and in some data and in the melo. These sediments are probably for the legal period.головоногий моллюск аммонит The ratio (one to seven) of direct chronogs and headonogs with alcoholic cancers - ammonites - in the River Station is likely to correspond to their large numbers in the reference ecosystem. Although it may be assumed that the direct-bearers were numerous somewhere in the neighborhood, and the places where the sediments that became this marble were formed were occasional.

Ammonite cancer. Actually, it's not always easy to distinguish ammonite from nautilus on the cut in the subway wall. Ammonite partitions have a lot of bends, and nautilus has smooth. But it happens that the nautilus partitions are slightly intact, and ammonites have vibrations that are closer to the walls of the sink, and the central part of the cut is almost smooth. In addition, the form of ammonite partitions depends on the age of the foetus - young ammonites have a smoother partition, and more ancient - paleotic ammonites of the partitions are also more similar to nautilus partitions.

раковина крупного аммонита гастропода
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