River Heat

June 22, 2023
Речной теплоход «Князь

Moscow (P-51, R-51E) - Dual-deck passenger river heating series for water walks and tours and transport on local linesriver tram“).

The shell is made of steel sheets with a thickness of 5 mm (VMS 3ps bar) and aluminium alloy sheets with a thickness of 3 and 4 mm.

Many heatings have been redesigned by fleet maintenance bases: the top deck is ostecleaned, and the vessel ' s nose has a submerged shuttle slurry to remove passengers on a non-debarcadered shore. Some of the vessels have been upgraded to carry out banquets and other similar activities on board, so passenger capacity has been reduced.

Main characteristics:

  • Degree length: 38, 2 m
  • Width: 6, 5 m
  • Dead: 1, 14 m
  • Height: 5, 7 metres
  • Height: 1, 7 m
  • Unloaded: 93 tons
  • Engine: Two 3D6H or 3D6 engines with a total power of 300 l.s. (220 kW) on some heatings, other engines with a total power of 220 kW. Recently, 3D-6 engines have been replaced by a resource-extracted family, JEM engines and various foreign sources.
  • Speed: project to 23-24 km/h
  • Passenger capacity: a maximum of 300 persons
  • Class of river register and navigation area: " R " . Internal and suburban lines
  • Autonomy: up to 6 days
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