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September 3, 2023
Что это такое, сервис частных

A modern taxi programme combining elegance and user-friendly interfaces and the reliability and stability of cloud technologies.

A taxi has never been so easy.

Key opportunities for the programme:
- The application will automatically determine your location.
- Your order will instantly see all the free drivers around. The time of delivery will be minimal;
- Full details of the vehicle assigned to the purchase order and the pre-value are available Taxi order;
- The sound signal will inform you of the arrival of the taxi vehicle;
The cab route is displayed on the map;
- At the end of the visit, the annex will propose an assessment of the quality of services;
- It is possible to pay for travel using the bonus account: you will receive 50 roubles on your bonus account when the programme is activated. Your first trip will increase it by 10 more roubles and every next trip by five;
- The current reference system helps to increase the bonus account. Send an invitation to your friends and get the money on your account for their trip.

More than 600 city taxi services operate with EUT: Taxi Challenge:
Abakan, Aktau, Anapa, Astana, Achinsk, Bratsk, Great Novgorod, Volgograd, Irkutsk, Karasuk, Kyrov, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, Moscow, Nefteyugansk, Novosibirsk, Noyabrsk, Nyagon, Omkti

You'll always feel comfortable everywhere.

Recommended version iOS: 7.0 and above.

If you have any problems with our program or service, please write us about this situation to the service. This can be done on the reference of the C.T.: Taxi Challenges - Support (and in the program (Development - Observatory - Sign to developers). We are sadly unable to respond to the withdrawal of AppStore, and we may also need additional information to address the problem.

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