Urban Moscow

June 21, 2023
Наземный городской транспорт

Provide your attention to the universal system of searching for terrestrial transport routes in Moscow. The route of the Moscow buses, as well as trolleybus, tramways and commercial transport (marches) with a card stop, is accessible to search.

Use the search form to choose the route. Choose the mode of transport and your interest number, or find public transport with certain points on the track.

Also available in the system are the terrestrial public transport schedules - bus, trolleybus and tramway maps contain blocks with detailed stop schedules. To look at the full table, it's necessary to click on the block with your interest days of the week (beginning or weekends).

In order to search the number, select the type of interested transport in the switch over the search line and insert the right number.

For tracing, select the relevant deposit, search option (one or two points) and mark the modes of transport. In the table of identified terrestrial transport routes, the number is a reference to a detailed information card and a travel card.

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