Taxi Order

July 18, 2023
заказ такси на дом

The call for a taxi in Moscow has long not been a luxury, but a convenient way of often urgent movement around the city, dictated by the need to ensure freedom of action and not depend on parking arrangements, route movements, electricity schedules and, of course, traffic. To date, Moscow is offering a wide range of services for passenger transport, which can be selected as suitable for you and the taxi challenge is cheap.

Moscow Taxi " Paraval " Call a the subway station, to restaurants and supermarkets, to the entertainment centres of Moscow, as well as to all the submachine and, of course, to Domodeho airports, Sheremetevo and Vnukovo.

Pouch services

  • Travel of passengers by taxi " Pouch "

    Taxi on Moscow and areas of transport of passengers by area, city and suburb, to and from airports.
    Like any such service, our company is primarily concerned with passenger transport from any point of Moscow and the area to any point limited to the Podokowya map. But unlike any service, you can. Call a cab. It's cheap for us, and we'll make sure you get the car on time, even if you need a taxi urgently.

  • Taxi - Extra Driver

    The sober driver of heavy fatigue, deep stress, the medical effect or an unexpected celebration of alcohol use, the driving of a car in these circumstances means a huge risk to you and the surroundings and can cause irreparable consequences. Don't take any chances, move from the driver's seat to the passenger seat and use our services.
    " Extra driver " , proposed by the " Paramount Taxi " , is a guarantee that there is no conflict with the State Inspectorate, dangerous situations on the road and the possibility of undue risk. The experimental chauffeur will arrive at you a clearly specified time for the transfer of the client ' s vehicle and the delivery of the customer to a clearly designated location within the CAD or in Podmoskovje.

  • Taxi " Paramount "

    Currier services from our taxi service are a reasonable solution to the lack of your expensive time. If you need to deliver correspondence, documents, electronic media, small-scale (gabarities up to 150 cm and up to 20 kg) goods or simply deliver gifts or flowers to a close person, You can entrust this to our service.
    Paramount taxi training is provided by professional drivers in different class functional vehicles (from universals to business class if they wish) 24 hours a day. We assure you of the speed, reliability, timeliness and confidentiality of the delivery of the assigned cargo by our couriers to any point in Moscow.

  • Load taxis - freight

    Our shipment... ♪

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