Time From The Subway Station

Декабрь 24, 2015

Поезд московского метро // Moscow subway// The Moscow subway opened a new station called "Troparavo." It is located in the south-west end of the Socoln Line and has exits to the Lenin Prospect. The opening of the station somewhat facilitates the way to town from Vnuko airport, reports to the collar. ♪

Now passengers travelling from the airport to the city on buses No. 611, 611s, and route No. 45, don't have to go to the final stop at the Southwest subway station. It'll be easier to get out of the new Tropero station and get on the empty train. So far, this bus stop was called "Telope Pass," but it's possible that with the opening. Metro station It will be renamed or moved closer to the entrance to the station. An additional bus stop may also be introduced.

The arrival of the new station could greatly reduce the time of air passengers, especially during the morning peak, when there are frequent major traffic on the side of the southwest station in Vernadsk. When it comes back to the airport, there's no point in using the Trooperovo station - it's easier to get on a empty bus or a Southwest route, especially since there's usually no traffic in this direction.

However, it should be borne in mind that, when new subways are opened, the terrestrial transport routes are usually changed. Thus, it may be possible to adjust the routes to Vnukovo Airport in the coming months. Before travelling to the airport, it is necessary to check the relevant bus routes 611 and 611c, as well as route 45.

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