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Февраль 13, 2016
Знаете, какая станция метро в

In the Jubilee version of the 1967 sub-topics, which were issued for the fiftieth anniversary of Oktyabrya as a brochure, the station was listed as " Aeropole " in the northern section of Tagansk-Krasnoprosne following the Stukin line. It's the only time until 2013 when the station was on official duty. Metropolitan schemes♪ The fact is that in the late 1960s, the so-called satellite area was planned to be erected at the site of the existing airport in Tushino (on the manner of the then Strogino and Krylatsky) while retaining the use of one part of the aeropolies for urban activities, including for parad airline flights. The project was not implemented.

In the 1970 and 1973 prospective maps, the station is present as Volokolama. This name was assigned to her in connection with the nearby Volokolam Highway. In those years, the chorus-building project of the metro lines has been highly developed, so the entire northern radius, starting with the " Polyjay " (then the " Horosev " ), is listed on the 1970 map as " Volokolam " . The title was later changed to Tushinski, today, Krasnoprosne. Since the construction plans in the Tushin aeropolies of the residential neighbourhood have been abandoned, the need to open the station has been denied, as there are no other facilities that could attract passengers near the station.

On the original project, the station was to be separated in yellow-ass tones with a blue mosaic along the tracks, and the columns would be covered with brown granites and end up with the copper plates in the form of the domes of the Volokolam Cream. The project was used to separate the " 50-year-old USSR " station from Tashkent Metropolitan, which was launched in 1977. At the same time, the Tashkent version of copper plates excavated the gerba of the Republic of the USSR.

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