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Июль 3, 2015
вот например, отрадное

В подуличных переходах станции метро «Отрадное» появятся торговые павильоны.In the subway crossings, the " happy " station will have trade pavilions.
Photo: Moscow City News Agency

There will be 10 pavilions, a total of 60 square metres.

Construction works have been completed in the Commodity and Serpukhovs-Timirazev Station for underground crossings.

♪ It's the stage of the reception. Passengers can move freely, all construction suburbs are removed. Work is nearing completion - the head of the passenger service of the Moscow Metropolitan Metropolitan Yuri Pecelis said.

The passenger area has increased at the station, lighting has improved, a tactile stove has been created for citizens with disabilities and two-tier handicrafts from stainless steel. They also replaced the doors and the cover, and there was a river ceiling. All work at the station will end until 25 June.

In addition, there will be trade pavilions at the Rain Station.

♪ In the underground crossings, the Rainbow Station will be 10 pavilions, a total of 60 square metres, said Pecelis.

He specified that the construction of shops would begin shortly. Magazines installed in the underground crossing will not prevent the movement of passengers. Five stores will be placed in one shift and five in another.

It was previously reported that theatre tickets, printed products, food, flowers, leather, accessories, accessories and other goods could be purchased in Moscow ' s underground space.

Yuri Pesellis also reported that 57 subway stations had completed repairs to the lobby and the underground crossings.

First stage of the programme for the improvement of street crossings and lobbying Metro stations will be completed before the end of the summer. The first phase includes the repair of the street crossings and the maintenance of 84 stations. The second phase of the programme is the repair of the underground crossings and the holding of battles at 88 stations, and transmits.

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