North River Pump

Ноябрь 19, 2016
Северный речной вокзал

The North River Station (RW or the Himki River Station) of the Moscow River Boat is one of the two river basins of Moscow (together with South). Located on the banks of the Himki Reservoir (Leningrad Highway, 51). Found on the territory of Moscow.

The North River Station was built at the same time as the Moskva Canal prior to the completion of the Chemical Reservoir in 1937 (A. M. Ruhlade Architects, V. F. Krishnski, Sculptor I. S. Efimov et al., artist N. Y. Danko et al.). The station is an architectural monument and one of Moscow ' s symbols is the " port of five seas " .

The building is in the form of a huge ship. The most characteristic architectural elements of the building in the station are the tall spil and the wide-ranging central staircase. The cap was crowned by a star who was on the Saving Tower of the Moscow Cream in 1935-1937. Serp and hammer are incruciated by the ural self-prosper. The entrance is decorated by the mayors, of whom one is particularly interested in the future Moscow. The terrace of the station is decimating the North and South fountains, symbolizing the links of the southern and northern waterways in Moscow. A fleet of about 50 ha is adjacent to the station. The unique couriers stationed in the tower of the station were transported here from the Volokolamska Vosresen Collar. There's a restaurant in the station building.

There is a machine in the tower that allows the stitch to be dropped with a star. In the initial sense, the star should have dropped and raised every time navigation ended and resumed. But the star has been abandoned only a few times over the years.

The total length of the docks in the station is about one and a half kilometres, of which about half was built in the 1960s.

From North River Station They are sent both to cruise ships of the long lines linking Moscow to St. Petersburg, Astrahanyu, Rostov na Donu and to the suburbs; they also organize visits to the Himkin Reservoir.

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