Metro Marin Station

Июнь 21, 2015
фотоEsquis St. Maurice.

The Ljulinsk-Dmitrov line Marina Station, which follows the Dostoy station, will be located north of the centre of Moscow, in a single name area, at the crossing of the Cheremetevsky Street with the passage of the Marina Rouge. Station is pylon, deep-seated. More than 10 years have elapsed since the inception of the station, but there are still no real opening dates. To date (May 2006), a mine complex with a barrel, a suitable tunnel, a small portion of the right tunnel is a stalemate behind the station, and, in the long run, a transponder " Marina Rozha " tunnel, the " Sheremeev " and a small portion of the right stationary tunnel.

In 2003, there was a scandal surrounding the station because the territory occupied by the temporary mine complex was to be transferred to the A. Reikin Cultural, Art and Recreation Centre at the end of the construction. In view of the fact that all the time has passed and the construction is now frozen, the Government of Moscow issued Decision No. 2239-RP of 5 December 2003 establishing the dismantlement of the mine complex and the construction of the Metrostroya site for transfer to the Centre. In the future, the construction of the station using the designed ventilation bar as a worker and a new mine complex is expected to continue, which will certainly increase the construction and further delay the arrival of the subway in Marina.

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