Metro Mandeleev Station

Февраль 5, 2017

In Moscow underground today, lightning was drilled. The Mandeleevsky experimented with the famous inventor Nikola Tesla. That's how they decided to spend another night in the subway.

As long as the trains didn't go, the station was turned into an audience. All those wishing were requested to enter a special cell, which was accessed by several hundred kilovolts. Demonstrated a special ring with no scary and higher voltage.

"It's an ordinary ringchug, it's not me, it's iron. Walk him to the iron plate that's grounded. So the electricity is grounded and there's no harm to me if there's no holes or I'm not wet, he's telling a member of the Maxim Volodin Night Project.

"It's physics, but very well, the guys figured out how to use it. It's not scary! Very interesting, nice to see," said by Alexander Topengauz.

"I'm a little scared to see lightning so close, almost at a distance of hands," I confessed to Valeria Import.

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