Marxist Subway Station

Январь 12, 2017
Давно собирался снять хрень

I'm going to the Tagan Square one night, walking past the entrance to the Marksist station, and the doors aren't closed. Well, I came in, especially the camera was with me.

I walk into the lobby. Single tournaments are standing, a cleaning lady on the bench is asleep.

I found out who's guarding maintenance.

I went down to the station . empty.

It's been a long time since I was going to take off the shit that's standing at every station in one of the ends, I don't remember what it's called where unknown things are put in.

I went into the tunnel.

I looked at the perron.

I've been waiting a long time to get in the way of the ии. Especially when you're still getting the voltage off on the contact track.

I had to go back to the escalator off.

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