From Station To Subway Station

Май 31, 2015
Метро в Праге Флоренс
Disrespectful fora!

This section is intended to discuss and host the news of the Metropolitan Samara. I would like to ask the Forum to pay particular attention to the following requirements of the Forum ' s Rules and traditions:

1. Respect for other interlocutors, including those who have a contrary view, not use counter-cultural expressions (so-called " padooncaff " ) and, above all, non-censored language, including any symbols.

2. When the articles and news are posted, give the quoted text to the News, which is on the web of tools on the left of the entry window. This allows for the instant determination of where your author ' s text ends (if any) and the text of the note/articles begins. Don't give as many articles as possible (50 pages), try to quote only what is directly relevant to the topic under discussion. Don't forget to make a reference to the source of the news through the “source”.

3. It is desirable not to display more than 200 CB images: not all Forumers have rapid and unlimited Internet access. Someone's on a road trip, someone else has to use the fashion.

4. Don't use the red colour in your messages because it's reserved for the service messages of the moderators as the brightest and sharply blind.

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