Deepest Subway Station

Сентябрь 9, 2015
Парк победы - одна из самых красивых и самых глубоких станций метро в МосквеPreparations for construction began officially in the 1990s, but in fact construction began only in the 2000s, owing to insufficient funding. The theme of the war of the 1812th year and the 1941-45 war was taken as the basis for the " Park of victory " . The height of the escalators is almost sixty-four metres, and the length of the escalators is more than 100 and twenty-six metres. The west of the deepest Moscow Metro Moscow station is expanding, and the need for new and new subway stations continues to grow. Modern technologies have made it possible to build and store large depths.Вестибюль самой глубокой станции московского метро It is possible that in the coming years the ranking deepest The metro is moving from the Park of Victory to one of the newly opened stations.

St Petersburg Metro St. Petersburg

A large number of deep stations are known as St Petersburg Metropolitan, whose average depth is fifty metres. It consists of 60 five stations, of which fifty-eight are deep-sea stations. There are 10 closed-type stations in the Peter Metro, otherwise referred to as " gorizontal elevator " . The Horizontal elevator - the know-how of the deep Petersburg Metro, The name of the deepest station of Peter and Russia as a whole - Admiraltheskaya.Горизонтальный лифт - ноу-хау глубокого петербургского метро It's been buried at a depth of 100 metres. Construction started in 1992, but was frozen shortly after work. In 2005 alone, construction continued. The station is in the central part of the city. Two escalators come down. It is known that such a deep investment was due to the proximity of Nev. The opening of the Admiralthei was held in the last days of 2011.

Адмиралтейская - одна из самых глубоких станций метро в миреAnother deep-seat station is called Politehnical. It's at a depth of sixty-five metres. Several of the deepest stations are the Sad, the Men ' s Area, the Komendan Prospect, the Black Scholar, Volkowski, the Kirov flood, etc. The depth of their deposits is between 60 and 80 metres.

Admiralthei is one of the deepest metro stations in the world.
В Киеве тоже очень глубокое метро Печерская - одна из самых глубоких станций метро в Киеве Наземный вестибюль самой глубокой в мире станции метро Станция Арсенальная считается самой глубокой
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