Taxi Numbers In Moscow

December 2, 2023
с лицензией такси в Москве

The experience with Yandex Taxy's service is usually positive, and I'm on my way out. There was a case that was very grateful for, a teenage daughter went to walk around Moscow with a company and lost! Got me to go to the nearest house to read the address, right through the service. Taxi I found her nearest car, with her phone, called to explain the situation, asked her to take the baby, pay her home. In 15 minutes, the child was home. The car was really Mustaxy. The second case occurred on the night of 15 to 16 August, and also with the children, but almost failed to reach the heart attack. At the end of the banquet, which was celebrated in the Olympic village in Lukes, the guests began to be escorted. The cars are at the Michurinsky Prospect of Dr. 4, Lukes' restaurant, we called a lot. And of course, old people and children were put in the first place. Then they started to see the other guests. And what was our fortune when my husband and I were from the restaurant, sent all the guests to the house, paid for the banquet room, kept breathing, and then called the car to themselves. Let's go home, and old people with kids are gone! Turns out the driver from Michurin to Mosfillmovsky is lost! It's good that after we got home, he showed up in a minute. I've already recruited the police. Since it was impossible to provide a four-kilometre trip without an emergency. Well, our old people, they said it was 500 rubs. They gave so much) and for attempting to disturb, the driver was sent home to his native, solar country in the mountains)

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