Taxi Pay Card

Апрель 25, 2015

Map payment in the taxi " Yes " taxi service - alternative

Our taxi service provides the full range of passenger services. The cash rewards for the work done are accepted by all the ways we can afford. The payment of a taxi to a bank card in Moscow is a well-required version of the calculation. Therefore, our company ' s cars have special terminals that allow for the rapid and accurate operation of congestion. We accept all types of plastic maps of the international VISA/MasterCard format.

Order of taxi on credit card in Moscow

Payment of a taxi credit card is considered a convenient and beneficial way. Specific features include:

  • Unpaid remuneration for services rendered can be calculated accurately to a copy, without rounding the amount upwards.
  • A credit card could pay for a travel anywhere in Moscow and the area, excluding the need to search for an ATM to remove funds.
  • The payment of credit cards with a check makes it possible to compensate for the money spent on a travel trip or on work (if the latter is subject to the corporate rules of your business).
  • In addition, the payment of a credit card is convenient for foreigners who do not have a national currency. Automatic converting of cash units will ensure that credit is settled expeditiously without further problems.

The simplest way to pay a taxi card.

A form of uncashed calculation, like a card, is popular around the world. It prevents money from being paid and enables congestion operations to be carried out in a timely manner. Bank taxi Map in Moscow save your time and create conditions for effective financial planning: every movement of funds will affect bank records and mobile communications. The card can be used for any kind of taxi travel.

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